A modern Italian grocery store

Family, tradition, passion. 

Our challenge, which began over 30 years ago, was to create a place that could combine the convenience of the supermarket, with its wide variety and shelf availability, with a selection of food and wine of the highest quality tightly bond to the territory. Our goal was to hold baked goods, excellent and authentic products alongside already well-known brands. All the delicious products that we have known and learnt to recognise over the years, guided by the flavours and scents of our beloved land: Sicily.

"We learned a lot from the shop we grew from, and for this reason we have decided to focus on the relationship with customers, typical of the "superette" of the past, and put that philosophy in our modern food stores as well."

(Giusi Vitale)

At the beginning, it wasn’t easy to combine the world of artisan specialities with the distribution requirements. A format matured and perfected over the years by Giusi Vitale and Giuseppe Prezzemolo, wisely drawing from their respective life stories. In the mid-1940s, Giusi's father owned a small market affiliated with the large-scale distribution circuit; Giuseppe's father was a lover of cheeses and local specialities, which he recommended in his neighbourhood shop.


The meeting between Giusi and Giuseppe was decisive, a couple in life and work, who in 1982 with great enthusiasm opened a small shop in Via Liguria under the name of “Fratelli Prezzemolo”. The next step was a shop named “Fratelli Vitale” and it was only later that the small market was converted into a larger and more modern shop, for the first time under the “Prezzemolo & Vitale” brand. The shop stocked new, high quality, authentic products, ranging from the finest cured meats to fresh fruit and vegetables. Years of travelling in Italy followed, searching for short supply chains and niche products, which finally culminated in the mid-90s with the first P&V brand store, in the heart of the city of Palermo.

We are constantly growing and we always put attention to the needs of the market. In all these years, we have constantly renewed ourselves to be able to offer a variety of services that simplify the customer experience. However, we have not lost that unique joy of shopping while chatting and discussing with those behind the counter. Today P&V is synonymous with quality accessible to all, a brand recognised throughout Italy, with 9 stores in Palermo and 5 in London.