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We are looking for different range of shop roles, such as Deli Assistant, Shop Assistant, Barista, Floor Supervisor:

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Join our team and work for one of the most fantastic Deli stores you can find in the city.

Today Prezzemolo & Vitale is synonymous with quality accessible to all, a brand recognized throughout Italy, with 8 stores in Palermo and 4 in London.

The Italian Excellence of artisanal goods alongside well-known brands: all the delicious products associated with the flavors and aromas of our beloved land, Sicily.






Shop Assistant

Often the Shop Assistant's face is the first thing the customer sees when entering our stores; in addition to the quality of the products we sell, customer care is our business card, so what could be more welcoming than a beautiful smile?

The tasks of the Shop Assistant include advising the customer on the choice of products, informing them about promotions and news in progress, and taking care of the shelves and the store so that everything is always in order and the customer experience is always satisfactory.



Deli Assistant


We love all the products we sell because each one is chosen with care and attention, but what we are most proud of is our selection of Cured Meats and Cheeses, as well as our Gastronomy.

This is why the Deli Assistant is a key figure in our team: he is the one who literally touches the quality of our products.

This task requires the use of knives and a slicer, but don't worry: we will provide the rest of the notions to you with adequate training.







The figure of the Barista is the one who welcomes the customer in a moment of relax or a break.

His job is to make this moment pleasant and satisfying, preparing a good coffee or cappuccino, and serving the customer something sweet with which to brighten the day.

As Italians, he is a very important figure for us because with us the "coffee break at the bar" is an almost sacred and indispensable moment.

If you love contact with people, this is the job for you.