Our Gastronomy: the Sicilian tradition

The aromas and flavors of our land are what bind us to tradition, and nothing is better than food to bring back memories and share a moment.
This is why our Gastronomy counter is a joy for the eyes and the heart, because you will always find dishes that taste like home: the classic Lasagna or the spinach one, Meatballs, aubergine Parmigiana and Caponata, and the famous Arancine, a typical sicilian street food made by a ball of rice stuffed with many delicious ingredients: ragù, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms... Everything is ready-made to take home or to taste directly at the store.


All the genuineness of sicilian raw material

Since the promotion of our local products is a source of pride for us, our dishes are prepared with italian and sicilian ingredients to always give you a quality product and, at the same time, respectful of the Sicilian tradition.
Furthermore, our Gastronomy menu varies according to the seasonality of the raw materials, so you will find different proposals based on the time of year: light and fresh in summer, full-bodied and enveloping in winter, without ever giving up goodness and authenticity.


Quick lunch? Try our Panini!

Who said that the "sandwich on the fly" must necessarily be basic?
Here you will find fantastic Panini filled with the best of our Salumeria: bresaola, finocchiona, raw ham, fresh robiola, accompanied by rocket, pears, honey, Sicilian dried tomatoes.
Taste the creations of our staff and discover surprising and super tasty combinations!

You can decide to take your Panini home or enjoy it comfortably seated at the table! 



Your favourite dish or Panino at your home!

In London, as you already know, we deliver your favourite food directly to you home. With a minimum order of £ 30 you can enjoy our traditional Gastronomy or our Panino Gourmet while watching the shows you love the most or having fun with your friends.

Futhermore, you can find the best of our products on Deliveroo!
what you want to eat, and you'll have it in a few minutes!

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